Wesley Financial Group Helps Clients Victimized By Timeshare Scams

There are many groups that engage in timeshare frauds and often take advantage of the money that people have. These timeshare scams can be harmful to anyone’s budget. Wesley Financial Group is a law firm that helps clients to cancel their contracts with timeshares and retain their money in the event that they have been victimized by timeshare scams.

Wesley Financial Group works with people who have dealt with many issues where scams have occurred. These include cases where a timeshare was promised stating that the value of the timeshare will increase in value or that it can be sold off at a higher price. The truth about timeshares is that they are not made to be guaranteed investments. People who have been victimized by these scams can contact Wesley Financial Group for help.

Anyone who has been misled to believe that maintenance fees will never increase can also get help from Wesley Financial Group. The group offers support for clients who have been forced into paying higher expenses that they never expected to pay over time.


Misleading information on tax breaks may also be reported on. Many timeshare scams involve timeshare companies failing to report on the tax breaks that clients could be getting. These breaks can be high in value in some cases.

There are even some cases where timeshare scams might involve tours that were longer than ninety minutes. A tour of a timeshare area that is longer than that time is often a sign of coercion. Wesley Financial Group may represent people who have been victimized by coercion.

The greatest concern involves the ability to resell a property for a profit. A timeshare company is not going to buy a property back in most cases. Any organizations that claim to do this could be fraudulent. Proper representation is needed in the event that such a scam occurs because it could be a serious risk.

The goal of the services that Wesley Financial Group offers is to help people with getting out of any timeshares that they have gotten into. These include timeshares that are fraudulent and are not running the way a client wants them to be run. This is a necessity for anyone who has dealt with timeshare issues to see.